5-20 mm: UAH 180.00 per MT, inclusive of VAT

20-40 mm: UAH 145.00 per MT, inclusive of VAT

40-70 mm: UAH 140.00 per MT, inclusive of VAT

Granite sieve: UAH 40 per MT, inclusive of VAT

Please pay attention to our advantages:
• According to the results of radiological tests, our products are of Class 1 and are suitable for all kinds of construction without any limitations.
• Advantages of our products: 1400 kg/sq. m density, providing a perfect combination with concrete and bitumen mixes.
• The Plant is able to deliver up to 120 railcars of products per day, including for export.
• The Plant’s products are well known and valued by many construction companies in Ukraine and the CIS.

All grades of granite macadam are certified, have a radiological passport, are of radiological safety Class 1 and are suitable for all kinds of construction:

■ construction of highways and railway main lines
■ construction of residential and industrial buildings
■ construction of different-purpose underground and on-ground storages
■ construction of aircraft runways and many other

Grade 5-20 mm is used for production of reinforced concrete products, road concrete works, construction of monolith residential buildings.
Grades 20-40, 40-70 are used for road works and heavy concrete.