About us

Ushitsky Construction Materials Plant, Open Joint-Stock Company

Gulianka village, Korosten district, Zhitomir region
Ukraine, 11563

Tel.: +38 (04142) 9-95-89
+38 (04142) 9-16-33

Tel./fax: +38 (04142) 5-59-07
+38 (04142) 9-16-99
e-mail: sbut@ukbm.com.ua

The Plants main activity is production of granite macadam of the following grades:
8-20 mm, 20-40 mm, 40-70 mm, and sieve 0-5 mm.
In the period when the nuclear power industry had been under development, 100% of the products were allocated by the USSR State Planning Committee to construction of nuclear power plants, because the macadam products fully met the construction standards requirements, specifically:
- frost resistance 300 cycles and more;
- density 1300 kg/sq. sm and higher;
- perfect combination with concrete and bitumen mixes.
The Plants products are well known and valued by many construction companies in Ukraine and the CIS.

Deposit: The Company develops Bobrovaya Gora granite deposit, which is one of the largest currently producing deposits in Ukraine. The Companys products are of radioactivity Class 1 (suitable for construction of residential buildings).

Production Facilities: At present, the Companys production capacity is 860 thou. cu. m of macadam annually. The Companys fleet is comprised of drilling units, BelAZ trucks, and locomotives.

Infrastructure: The Plant has all necessary infrastructure for large-scale production, inclusive of: own approach railway lines, electronic weight scales, gas supply lines (high-pressure), own electric substation, and water supply lines.

Legal Aspects: The Company holds the license for using Bobrovaya Gora deposit subsoils, and also the license for blasting operations at the open pit mine. The allocation of subsoils is duly documented, and the land rental contract was duly executed (until 20037). There are no any legal claims or litigations against the Company.

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